• Untold story of an Iraqi

    8th February 2008, Sriracha, Chonburi, Thailand I was alone living in a remote place in Sriracha. Zia was my only friend. An Iraqi, who migrated to Thailand after the 1st… Read More

  • Memories of a Muffler

    Muffler, possibly the only thing apart from intellectualism (Antlaami) and Borolene that had brightened up every Bengali for decades. I failed to realize how this small little thing had always… Read More

  • Are we seeing?

    Do we really see when we see? Have we interpreted things the way they are? The human mind is developed with certain preconceived ideas. The ideas that made us believe… Read More

  • My Introduction to Wine

    My knowledge about wine was as good as the knowledge of cricket of my Spanish colleagues. Not that it has changed remarkably now. Since my first visit to Barcelona in… Read More

  • My First Flight

    My first air travel was almost accidental. In my family, giving surprise is as common as a Bengali having indigestion. It was December 1999 when I came to Mumbai airport… Read More

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Hi, I'm Sunando. I love to read, write and travel. I'm full time writer. Welcome to my blog. Read More

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