Life Changing Events

With IEM students

The other day, I was at the IEM to give a motivational speech to students. Fresh faces all around when I started talking about my life and a few events. For the very first year in BCA, motivation has its own meaning. As life goes on, the thought process changes and the so is the source of motivation. So I spoke about something that I loved to hear at their age.

I told them about an event that changed my perspective toward life forever. In our generation, the two most used words are “frustration” and “stress”. They normally coexist and work together to make you demotivated.

It was an extremely hot night at Ambarnath, a small town in the suburbs of Mumbai. My brother was working for a small company there in Ambarnath. I often used to spend my weekends at Ambarnath. My brother’s house was at one end of the city from where the mountain starts. We were taking a stroll in the small road that goes towards the mountain. This part of the city was almost empty with a few construction sites coming up around.

The thought of giving it up

It was perhaps one of the most difficult phases of my life. It was those phases of life when a person fails to understand his worth and reasons to live. I was not having the best time in my college, to say the least. On the personal front, it was a time when I was going through a deep dilemma and I lost my willingness to live. Probably for the first time, I felt like giving it up forever.

While walking down the melancholy road, suddenly I heard a sound. It was a baby crying. I followed the sound and found the baby in the balcony of an under-construction building. The baby was sleeping in the middle of her parents mostly the labours. Both the parents were deep in sleep and the baby in the middle was crying. It might be a mosquito bite or some kind of disturbance.

A crying baby that changed it all

The sound and the visuals were so damn disturbing that it was difficult to ignore. I felt like walking toward them and wake her parents up. I was about to do that when I realised it was her mother, half-awake,  puts her arms on the little baby and the baby immediately stopped crying. The next moment I found almost a perfect picture of a family sleeping on a half-constructed building under the open sky in that hot and humid summer night of Ambarnath. Not sure how long did I look at that visual with thousands of thoughts in my mind.

While walking back, I suddenly felt myself as the luckiest person on earth. I could have been that baby as well. It was sheer luck that I was born in a family where I grew up to become what I am today. And this thought gave birth to another realisation. The only thing that you cannot control is your birth. You cannot choose your parents. How you come to this world is not in your hand. Rest everything that you do is in your control. As you grow up in life, the only person who dictates your life is you. You have no right to blame others.

Well, almost 25 years passed by. I have gone through multiple ups and downs. One thing that has never changed is my positivity towards life. I take life the way it comes to me. Yes, even I got depressed at times. But every time I fall, I wake up thinking about that kid crying in the middle of her parents under the sky.

Not sure whether I had been able to motivate the students of IEM. However, I felt an urge to share with you all the event that changed my life. Life, to me, is extremely enjoyable except for two overhyped parameters called success and failure. In search of success, we often sacrifice an element called happiness.  Happiness exists within us. All we need is to realise it.

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