Staying Mentally Fit

Mental Health in the Time of Corona

Mental Health in time of Lockdown

01:20 PM, Saturday, March 28, 2020
Complete Lockdown | Day 04 of 21

Stress – A state of mind!

Are you stressed? Anxious about what’s going to happen to your job or to your business? It is probably the most obvious state of mind for most of us in a time like this. Having said that, I am not here to give you a solution to your problems. I do not have any magic wand to overhaul all the problems in the world. WHO is constantly advising us on how to stay well and keep a better mental health.

We are in the same boat

I have never seen a better time to sing, “We’re in the Same Boat, Brother”. From Prince Charles to Tom Hanks to Boris Johnson. Coronavirus has made the world really flat. Well, perhaps a time to think differently about money, power and authority. A disease, rather a virus has exposed our vulnerability like never before. In addition, I see an equality which is too perfect to be true.

Mental Health – Your asset to fight the virus

With each passing day, I am getting stronger mentally. I have realized the importance of mental health and how important it is for your physical well-being. In this state, no one has a solution. As a matter of fact, you have no one to ask for suggestions. So. you need to do it yourself.

I have a job which is in jeopardy and a business which is closed. I do consultancy but I do not have clients who want to consult with me now. Overall, I cannot change the situation even an inch even if I try my best. On top of that, I have more than 35 families to feed and I cannot stop their salary. All I know is that, I will continue as long as I can and will stop when my resources get exhausted. In conclusion, my worries will not improve my situation.

Magic – I am happy

I was trying to explore multiple methods to be happy. Whenever I go to Indonesia, the first thing I used do is to take an account balance slip from the nearest ATM. When I look at it and find myself a Millionaire, it gives me a pleasure. At that moment, I do not think that a dollar is 16K in IDR. Similarly, I have managed to find a magic trick to remain happy and I am sharing that with you all.

Anyone remembers those fairy tales when a common man turns into a king for a day. Well, here is the drill. All you need to do is to feel like the richest man on earth for the next 18 days. Trust me, there is no difference between Warren Buffet and you at this stage. He is worried as he has lots of money, I am worried as I have lesser money. But, we are in the same boat and the boat has a hole. Mine is a bigger hole than his but who knows?

Magic No 2 – Look at others

The lockdown in India has resulted a different crisis. And I am not sure if this crisis is even bigger than the one from the virus. When you feel depressed, think about that lady who worked on a daily wage with a contractor. She is stuck here in the city with minimum resources and she has no place to stay. She cannot even go back to her place.

It may be a sadistic method to be happy but it works. Think about the lesser fortunates and you would find yourself in a much better space and in a healthier mental state.

Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

By nature we have become extremely inconsistent. We ask for rain but we get depressed when it rains. At times, we demand (to whom it may concern..) for the winter and then share our anxiety over the prolonged winter. I have never seen a single facebook status saying – Finally it is Monday! Going to Monday after a weekend was always difficult for me, at least.

So, finally the day has come when you don’t have to feel bad about going to office. Time to feel happy about it. You have time to to Stay Home and work when you want!  I think this is the best time to remain happy and stay positive. A day will soon come when everything will be over. And remember, when everything gets over, only a stable mind can take you through all that you have lost!

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Mental Health Consideration Guidelines from WHO – Here 

Work From Home – A guideline 

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