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Life of a Food Blogger – 4 Three Course in 2 Hours

Have you ever imagined having a three-course meal right at 10.00 am in the morning? Well, some of you might have done it before. But have you ever imagined eating 4 (Four Times) three-course meal within a span of 2 hours early in the morning? If your answer is “yes”, then you must be a celebrated food blogger or a ‘Master Foodie!’ And now I know, how difficult it is to be a food blogger.

I usually stay behind the camera in Foodka. To be precise, my role is to keep a balance between the diametrically opposite characters Mir and Indrajit and manage the finance. The team of Foodka kicked me out of my role as a bouncer long back. That is another story and I will share it sometime.

I tried my best to hide my desire, but my cravings to eat like them was not unknown to team Foodka. Indrajit and Mir did their best to make me realise, eating is a tough job. But, I never really believed them.

Lal Mati Utsav invited team Foodka for a talk show this year in Navi Mumbai. The Bengali community of Navi Mumbai under the able leadership of Rajarshi organises this event annually and this was their 6th year. I was extremely happy to know about our visit to 4 restaurants on our second day. Of course this time, my role was also to taste their food as it was not just another Foodka shooting.

Wild Flowwer – The Journey Starts at 10.00

Our day started with a small breakfast at the Park and Rumi picked us up at 10.00 am. It was a long day and we were supposed to visit and eat “a little” at four restaurants. We started our “little” food adventure at Wild Flowwer, a newly opened Bengali Restaurant in Sector 15 of CBD Belapur. Well, the ‘little’ food trail started with an elaborate spread of Bengali food.

At Wild Flowwer, they served us Fish Fry and Murshidabad Chicken Satay.  Both the items were heavy and were enough for a full-fledged meal. But then, it was just a prelude and what came after was difficult to avoid. Kosha Manghso and Lucchi had been a major weak point in my life. But, it was not over. We were offered chicken kancha lonka jhol. By the time we finished eating them, our host was preparing the sweet dishes. But thanks to Rumi, we managed to escape to our next destination.

Bong Adda


The team Bong Adda with us

Bong Adda is a veteran food joint in Navi Mumbai. For the last 11 years, they are serving delicious Bengali food to people in Mumbai. The husband-wife duo of Bong Adda, greeted us with another “little” spread of starters consisting Chicken Kabiraji, Fish Chop and Fish Fries. I was almost retired hurt by the time when they served my favourite Sorshe Ilish, Kosha Manghso and Rice. As seasoned food blogger and thanks to the experience of Foodka, Mir and Indrajit by this time had shifted their focus on me. Before I could call “over and out” we went to our next destination.

Shaolin Temple

When I entered this upmarket Chinese Restaurant and Bar, I literally was struggling to keep the smile on my face. “We are full, only Sunando did not have his breakfast this morning”. Mir announced with a straight face and as we entered the restaurant. More than 20 people were waiting for us to greet us with a delicious spread ranging from lobster to noodles. I was lost in the spread almost when a smiling woman came with a dish of crab meat. “Ektu to khetei habei” – a most benign smile and a courteous request– even my stomach bursting at the seams could not say no to that!

You need to eat something at least– said the lady. Oh if she only knew the ‘internal turmoil’ I was going through! The two protagonists of Foodka were all smiling and I knew perfectly the meaning of this smile. Alas! The struggle of one is often the source of comic relief for some!

Bongo Byanjan

Greetings at Bongo Byanjan

The hospitality was amazing.

The only good thing about Bongo Byanjan was the distance. It was in Khargarh and I had a 15 minutes break from the severe endurance test. But, 15 minutes is definitely not enough to digest and when I saw the big group waiting for us, I felt almost like entering a battlefield. A small Bengali family had taken over this restaurant recently and the hospitality extended towards the team Foodka left us speechless with its utmost sincerity. But the hospitality was not enough.

Mir and Indrajit once again announced my presence as the ‘prized eating guinea pig’– a fascinating creature of the moment! After 30 minutes, I was excused after having a few fries, a little bit of shukto, Fish Fry, Mangsho and some amazing payesh.

To be or not to be – A Food Blogger

I have spent my entire life till date cursing my luck of not becoming a food blogger. In my dreams, I wanted to be like Indrajit, Sabyasachi Da, Poorna, Pamela, Luna and all my friends who eat and write. However, this small stint has changed the idea of the fun forever. It is definitely not easy to be a food blogger. My respect for both Indrajit and Mir went extremely high when I found them tasting some sweets after coming back to Lal Mati. A person can actually eat after tasting 35 cuisines in 4 restaurants over a span of 2 hours. God has made some special arrangements for them for sure.

For the time being, I am extremely happy to be behind the camera in Foodka.


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