Zero Hunger, an Initiative by Food Soldier

Food Soldier

Hanglaatherium for zero hunger

Food Soldier – an Initiative

It has been one Wednesday morning that I will remember for the rest of my life. IIHM (International Institute of Hotel Management) has started a movement called “Food Soldier.” Food Soldier adopted the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger to make India Hunger-free by 2030! As a team, Hanglaatherium felt extremely happy to be a part of it.

the figures are scary

The figures are scary, to say the least. Thanks to rapid economic growth and increased agricultural productivity the number of undernourished people according to the UN, has dropped by almost half in the past two decades. As per UN data, India is almost at the bottom of the table for nations with hungry people. Till 2017, India has over 200 million people who suffer from the insecurity of the availability of food. It is extremely sad that our country is home to probably the largest number of hungry people in the world.

A Drop in the Ocean

What we did is so little and so insignificant and it is not even a drop in the ocean. Feeding 70 kids is not a solution to the issue but our intention was to join the mission along with ‘Food Soldier.’ Just imagine if every one of us takes part in this initiative every day in a year, all we need is 365 willing individuals or restaurants or organizations to feed 70 kids every day. Like that somewhere else we need someone to take an initiative for another 70 kids. It is not about me or you. It is not only IIHM but together we can. If each one of us come forward and takes responsibility for one child, we will have a better tomorrow.

2 Zero Hunger

Today in that 10ft/10ft room which is a school for 70 kids, I had a strange realisation. I just realised once again, how lucky I am. We get affected by trivial issues. We keep complaining about our world, the nation, our economy, our times, the politicians… and we conveniently forget to thank God for giving us this life where we have the liberty to complain. These kids have no complaints. They are just too concerned about having two square meals in a day and a shelter when it rains. These kids don’t blame the politicians for all their issues as they probably don’t know what is an issue. I couldn’t stay long in that classroom and smile.

The Smile I will remember

Beauty and her Smile

The Smile I will never forget


While walking down the street with a heavy heart, I met this kid. My name is ‘Beauty’ she speaks in fluent English. They had been taught English in that small classroom as she told me. She happily showed me the pack of Biryani. For the last 9 years, we are trying to make biryani that brings a smile on our customer’s face. But the smile I see on Beauty’s face made my life beautiful. This is probably the best recognition of our effort in making people happy.

World without Hunger

Wishing IIHM all the best! Wishing every food soldiers all the very best. We are with you in your mission to make India and the World hunger-free. I request all not to waste food. Remember the food you waste can feed a thousand Beautys in this world.

Another event that changed my mind – Talk at IEM College

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