FaceApp The New Age Time Machine

Social Media population were in a frenzy over FaceApp. FaceApp was developed by a Russian company headed by Yaroslav Goncharov.

What is FaceApp:
FaceApp was first launched in 2014. In 2017, the app went viral. After 2 years, the app has again become a social media star in July 2019. Apparently, FaceApp uses artificial intelligence and Machine Learning technology. The App uses an old filter to make you look old.

Global Phenomenon – FaceApp Challange
The phenomenon is global. The FaceApp challenge has become the most trending phenomenon on Social Media.  I don’t like pretentious people posting something stupid like “I don’t use FaceApp whether the society would accept me”? I simply don’t understand the relation between intellectualism and staying different. Celebrities played a crucial role in making it viral.

The advent of social media has seen some amazing trends. People changed the profile picture with the French flag. This happened after the Paris Attack. #metoo has also become a social trend for all negative publicity.  There are thousands of app that predict how you die, how will you be remembered, what will you be in your fourth life. What is common in all these apps that they tell you about your future.

Curiosity to know my future!
Human by nature has an indomitable curiosity to know what lies beyond. What am I going to be in future? The curiosity for unknown has made human to evolve and discover. Uncertainty of life has inspired multiple business ideas. I may not be very wrong if I say the biggest marketing tool for insurance companies is the uncertainty of life. For years, the insurance companies utilised a fear factor to instigate the investment potential in human. No wonder why Hollywood still makes films on 1895 classic The Time Machine.

To me, the success of FaceApp is not the ability to make you old. It gives you an option to decide how are you going to look in future.

FaceApp Steals Data
There had been a counter-argument growing as Faceapp steals data. I think spy theory is inextricable from Russia. The theory of machine language These are as baseless as Nasa is monitoring your movement. Forbes has already negated the data-theft theory. Every interactive mobile app developed these days which has a social impact, has the ability to capture data. It doesn’t mean, they are stealing your personal data. If you are too sensitive about your personal data,  there are way outs to minimise the risk of sharing your data. The app works brilliantly offline and you don’t need to put the output on Facebook or any other social media sites.

Relax and have fun
I think as human, we simply forget the art of relaxing and making fun of things. I remember there was a short story of Satyajit Ray that talks about a man who drew a portrait of a man. The portrait was about how he’s going to look after 30 years. I remember my sketchbook was full of caricatures of my friends and how they are all going to look like in future. This is fun. I will be sending a comparison to Yaroslav Goncharov after 30 year. Perhaps he would not be interested to know.

Don’t bother if your intellectual quotient reduces by posting a picture. Just have fun.

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