• Joker Film Review - an Experience

    The Experience Named Joker A socially isolated man killing people mercilessly and you justify the same? It may be the easiest way to depict the film but Joker is not really a film, it is an experience. A few of the critics depicted the film as dangerous to the…

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  • To be a perfect gentleman

    “I want to be a perfect gentleman”. Our English Teacher who was also my father’s teacher, looked through the top of his reading-glass and asked me in his typical British… Read More

  • Mir Afsar Ali

    QUIET ON SET – ALL PHONE SILENT SOUND? – Set. CAMERA? – Set. ROLL SOUND. – Sound rolling. ROLL CAMERA. – Camera Speed. ACTION … CUT CUT CUT CUT….. Confused… Read More

  • Cooking for Sanjeev Kapoor

      Cooking for the Chef “You need to cook for the Chef – Sanjeev Kapoor” Indrajit Lahiri has this amazing ability to talk without any visible display of emotion. In… Read More

  • Untold story of an Iraqi

    8th February 2008, Sriracha, Chonburi, Thailand I was alone living in a remote place in Sriracha. Zia was my only friend. An Iraqi, who migrated to Thailand after the 1st… Read More

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