Birthdays are Good

Birthdays are good

Me and My father

Birthdays are Good

Birthdays are good. Whatever your age be, birthdays will surely make you young. When I was young, to me the definition of an old man was 40. A man at his 40 used to be a real uncle. But at 45, I believe, age is just a number. And birthdays make you feel younger for sure.

I have no doubt Birthdays after 40 make you a bit uncomfortable. Especially for people of my generation who has that eternal image of a fat sweating uncle of 40s in their mind. But, thanks to Social Media, Birthdays are becoming really good. A man born in Uluberia who spent most of his life in confusion whether to sing that Birthday song or not, Birthdays are becoming a great escape from realism. We start behaving like a real star on Birthdays. So Birthdays are really good these days.

46 at Midnight

It was wonderful when my young brigade “Anonymous” came in the middle of the night with blueberry cheesecake. Not sure what I had been able to add to Anonymous but they surely have made me younger. The dinner was Pulao and Mutton Kosha followed by Old Monk Rum and Pink Floyd. It was almost a journey back to my college days. The Pulao and Mutton were luxuries those days, but Rum and Pink Floyd never kept me alone in my solitary days.

Eggizza and PTM

Recipe by Deborina

Eggizza by Deborina Roy

Morning shows the day for others. But for me, it was certainly the evening that showed a great morning. It was my neighbour Deborina. No wonder she is quickly becoming a star on Youtube for her innovative low-calorie cuisines. Today’s breakfast was made with her latest innovation – Eggizza. A pizza made by egg white with a hint of sausages and Italian herbs.

PTM then and Now

PTM then and now

Night probably showed a great day for me. But for Simba, the afternoon was not so good. It was parent-teacher meeting in the afternoon and his father was there to accompany him. His past experience of his father attending the PTM was not memorable, to say the least. Even I was feeling pity for him. It was not as bad as he expected though except at the end when his teacher asked me about some suggestion. I shouldn’t even try to document what I answered him. Simba was pretty much assured that his class teacher might not ask the same question ever to any father again.


Lunch at my favourite restaurant

Birthday Lunch

Birthday Lunch at Oh Calcutta

I have no hesitation saying, Oh Calcutta is my favourite restaurant when I plan an elaborate lunch. A few days back, someone came to Hanglaatherium and complained that we should arrange a cot and few pillows in the restaurant. I have the same complaint about Oh Calcutta. What I had yesterday was insanely amazing. Oh Calcutta was celebrating the River Water Hilsa Festival. I loved the Ilish Paturi, Posto Narkel Ilish and The Smoked Hilsa. But once a Bengali will remain a Bengali forever. So my lunch was not complete unless I have my all-time favourite Kosha Mangsho with Luchi and Ilish Beguner Jhol. As I was on a strict diet, I strictly maintain having no rice. Mental satisfaction helps in reducing weight they say.

Dinner? Are you crazy?

Are you seriously expecting me to have dinner after all these? Well, I “almost” skipped dinner yesterday. Almost is an interesting word especially for Bengalis. “I almost left smoking” is probably the most spoken phrase ever for every smoker in Bengal. So coming back to Dinner, I had a few sweets, specially curated by my mother. I have valid reasons for every sin I commit. So, consuming a few sweets was only to go with my family tradition.  In my family, a plate of sweets is part of any birthday celebration.

Thank you!

My stock of word is extremely weak when it comes to thank you all. It means a lot when I see you take out time from your busy life to wish me. Each one of you who wished me in messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or over the phone all I can say is “thank you!”. I tried replying each one of you but if I miss anyone of you, please understand it was unintentional. Personally, I forget a lot when it comes to days. But when someone wishes me, it feels really nice. Personally, I never felt very special on my birthday except for these wishes which remind me, yes I am also important. I need to remain here. The show must go on.

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