Mir Afsar Ali

25 Years of Mir

25 Years of Mir

SOUND? – Set.
CAMERA? – Set.
ROLL SOUND. – Sound rolling.
ROLL CAMERA. – Camera Speed.

CUT CUT CUT CUT….. Confused Maharaj looked at Mir.
What’s is it, Mir daa?
“Saheb, Foodka ke Chinese kore de to” … (Saheb, let’s make Foodka a Chinese man) …. Said Mir with his mischievous smile.

FlashBack – 2012, first encounter

Mir at Hanglaatherium

First meeting with Mir on the same day we started Foodka 4 years later

Hi! Mir bolchi..(Hi! I am Mir)
A random phone call in the middle of a busy day…..but the voice? The voice that I can identify even in my sleep. The voice that revives every radio listener in the morning better than their daily cuppa!

It was 1st of September 2012. A few days back Hanglaatherium, an unknown brand had received an award, “Biryani Ka Badsha” from Radio Mirchi.  Mir was the person who actually announced Hanglaatherium as the winner but as a biryani fan, he wanted to taste the so-called “Biryani Ka Badsha.” What struck me most at that moment was the humbleness of this man as he wanted to inquire whether we have people to deliver the biryani at his residence.

It was no CUTS but only BUTS (in my mind) when I hesitantly asked him for a selfie, after delivering the biriyani at his residence. A Panjabi clad, bit awestruck Bengali standing next to a storm of talent, transfixed, nervous, and without a take…. picture clicked and framed forever in my mind.

That’s my first encounter with MIR. My first awestruck moment that gave birth to many more such moments as we bonded in the years to come.

Team Foodka

Season 04 Shooting | Team Foodka

My knowledge of film making is as good as Mir’s knowledge of ERP. But I knew there must be a story and a script at least. But with Mir, story and script are the least subjects of botheration as both come naturally to him. I am sure a day will soon come when Foodka will be rewarded as the most dynamically scripted series on YouTube.

Seven years of bonding

During Foodka Shoot Season 01

Seven years passed by and today when I analyze our unique friendship, I feel that humility and humbleness are what made him such an icon and an inspiration.

Writing about Mir makes me a bit confused. There is a big fanboy that still exists in me and at times that supersedes the friendship. As he is completing 25 years in the field of entertainment, I think the occasion is not only a milestone for him but a celebration for all his listeners and fans. My job keeps me away from Kolkata almost 15 days a month and I am possibly not the only Bengali who misses Mir’s morning show more than Maach Bhaat (Fish Curry and Rice) in those days.

Different avatars of Mir

Visiting Card

Mir’s First Visiting Card

In the last seven years, I have seen different avatars of Mir. I saw him as the Shokalman, the radio jockey, an anchor, the lead singer of Bandage, my partner in crime in Foodka, a brilliant copywriter in multiple occasions and a serious actor. But what defines him and makes him different from others is the very human in him. Even at the pinnacle of his success, the man never forgets his roots. No wonder he carries the first visiting card he made along with him every day.  Remembering the day, once he had shown it to me and had proudly read out in his usual style “Mir for PEAK-SPEAK OUTPUT”.

A lot of people look at me and ask me– how do I manage so many portfolios. They wonder how I manage my schedule and my answer to them is – Look at this man. This is the man who inspires me every day. He is the powerhouse of talent, multitasking, multi-managing, juggling different roles and emerging refreshingly anew every time. Not one single moment, one single frame of his is the same, or similar. There is something that is unique that he renders to every creation that involves him. Mir has been doing the morning show for 25 years with similar energy and humour, without ever failing to perk us all up for that very necessary dose of laughter medicine every morning, and at the same time gently prodding our conscience with the very pertinent issues of the day.

Radio Man

Radio Man

The Radio Man

Charlie Chaplin once said, “I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.”

For Mir, radio is that rain. His exterior-self indulged into slapstick comedy to cover his extremely introvert self. It is unfortunate that very few people know the other side of Mir. The Mir I know is a man who thinks differently about the world. That Mir who feels bad when his fans troll him over a post where he refers to his father as his God. That Mir who cries seeing a hungry kid on the street. This Mir has not forgotten to be sensitive and empathetic towards the unfortunate, even under the trappings of a star. After all of these, he comes to the studio to make millions of his morning listeners feel good and happy.

It had been wonderful waking up with your voice for so many years. MIR. 25 years was spent so quickly and I repent meeting you after so many years.

Hoping for an amazing next 25 years to become old together.

Cheers to 25 years of Mir!

Proud of you my friend!

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  • Anonymous

    August 6, 2019 at 7:45 am

    Khub bhalo laglo lekha ta. Ami nije foodka series er and Mir da er bishal fan. Apnara eibhabei eksathe chalie jan.

    • Sunando

      August 7, 2019 at 2:08 am

      Thank you so much!

  • Sunando

    August 6, 2019 at 1:33 am

    অনেক ধন্যবাদ। নিশ্চই জানাবেন কলকাতা এলে।

  • Debasish Ghosh

    August 6, 2019 at 1:32 am

    following Mir since 1993 listening to "Khas Khabor" aired in DD with his sweet, naughty voice

  • অর্জুন সেনগুপ্ত

    August 6, 2019 at 12:21 am

    অনবদ‍্য লেখা, সুনন্দ। এই মানুষটির জন্য এরকম অভিনন্দন, এরকম ভালোলাগা, এরকম অনুভূতি হওয়াটাই স্বাভাবিক। ভালো থাকুন, ভালো লিখুন আর অবশ্যই ভালো খাওয়াদাওয়া হোক আগামী […] Read Moreঅনবদ‍্য লেখা, সুনন্দ। এই মানুষটির জন্য এরকম অভিনন্দন, এরকম ভালোলাগা, এরকম অনুভূতি হওয়াটাই স্বাভাবিক। ভালো থাকুন, ভালো লিখুন আর অবশ্যই ভালো খাওয়াদাওয়া হোক আগামী দিনগুলোতে। আমি দিল্লি থাকি, কলকাতায় এলে দেখা করার ইচ্ছে থাকলো। Read Less

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