• Life Changing Events

    The other day, I was at the IEM to give a motivational speech to students. Fresh faces all around when I started talking about my life and a few events. For the very first year in BCA, motivation has its own meaning. As life goes on, the thought process…

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  • Shantilal Movie Review

    There is a detective in every Bengali. Credit should go to eminent writers who along with their other genres, kept on providing us with the ingredients to be a Sherlock… Read More

  • Mir Afsar Ali

    QUIET ON SET – ALL PHONE SILENT SOUND? – Set. CAMERA? – Set. ROLL SOUND. – Sound rolling. ROLL CAMERA. – Camera Speed. ACTION … CUT CUT CUT CUT….. Confused… Read More

  • Birthdays are Good

    Birthdays are good Birthdays are good. Whatever your age be, birthdays will surely make you young. When I was young, to me the definition of an old man was 40.… Read More

  • Ethiopian Food | World Food

      My first introduction to African food was way back in 2004. It was at Morogoro, a small town in Eastern Tanzania. A decent lunch served in a single plate… Read More

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Hi, I'm Sunando. I love to read, write and travel. I'm full time writer. Welcome to my blog. Read More

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