• Hornbills of Thailand

      Jungle is not my Domain Jungle is not my domain while Thailand is. Thailand to me is probably one of the most beautiful countries provided you avoid Bangkok and Pattaya. writing about a jungle trip and a search for Hornbill is also not my genre. However, after this…

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  • Zero Hunger, an Initiative by Food Soldier

    Food Soldier – an Initiative It has been one Wednesday morning that I will remember for the rest of my life. IIHM (International Institute of Hotel Management) has started a… Read More

  • To be a perfect gentleman

    “I want to be a perfect gentleman”. Our English Teacher who was also my father’s teacher, looked through the top of his reading-glass and asked me in his typical British… Read More

  • Life Changing Events

    The other day, I was at the IEM to give a motivational speech to students. Fresh faces all around when I started talking about my life and a few events.… Read More

  • Shantilal Movie Review

    There is a detective in every Bengali. Credit should go to eminent writers who along with their other genres, kept on providing us with the ingredients to be a Sherlock… Read More

  • Mir Afsar Ali

    QUIET ON SET – ALL PHONE SILENT SOUND? – Set. CAMERA? – Set. ROLL SOUND. – Sound rolling. ROLL CAMERA. – Camera Speed. ACTION … CUT CUT CUT CUT….. Confused… Read More

  • Birthdays are Good

    Birthdays are good Birthdays are good. Whatever your age be, birthdays will surely make you young. When I was young, to me the definition of an old man was 40.… Read More

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